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Two Dimensional Kinetic (TDK) Code

Two-dimensional chemical kinetic code for estimating combustion performance of rocket nozzles


The Two Dimensional Kinetic (TDK) code is a computer program used as a primary tool in applying the JANNAF liquid rocket thrust chamber performance prediction methodology. The TDK computer program includes a 2D nonequilibrium nozzle performance calculation with a boundary layer.


Year - $3000
Month - $600
Week - $300
Day - $150
Initiation Fee - $500
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This program consists of:
  • The Master Control Module;
  • One-Dimensional Equilibrium Nozzle Analysis (ODE) Module;
  • One-Dimensional Kinetic Nozzle Analysis (ODK) Module;
  • Transonic Analysis (TRANS) Module;
  • Method of Characteristics Module for Equilibrium, Kinetic, or Frozen Nozzle Flow (MOC);
  • Boundary Layer Module (BLM);
  • Mass Addition Boundary Layer Module (MABL).

This version of TDK can handle tripropellant systems.  The manuals for this version were extensively updated in 1999.