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Rocket Propulsion Engineering

Sierra provides cradle-to-grave design, analysis, and testing of propulsion systems

Engine Simulation:
Steady-state and transient simulations for liquid rocket engines including valve sequencing effects.  We utilize the ROCETS program to perform these dynamic analyses and have modeled systems as small as 100 lbf and as large as 1.5 Million lbf.
Component Design:
Sierra Engineering has a wealth of experience in the design of injectors, nozzles, thrust chambers, igniters, and other engine components.  We use SolidWorks to generate 3D models and drawings (ASME Y14.5M), and have extensive experience with Pro/E.
Sierra has demonstrated the ability to accurately predict structural integrity for demanding thermo-structural problems and has extensive experience in predicting and testing thermal conditions.  Experts with analysis tools such as TDK, PERCORP, VIPER, ROCCID, SPF, and SPURC to predict engine performance, stability, and analyze exhaust plumes
Solid and Gel Propulsion: 
We frequently perform grain burnback and ballistics analysis for solid propellant systems by using SPP.  For gel propellant systems, we utilize TDK and SPP together to provide the most accurate performance prediction.
Facility and Test Support: 
Sierra provides a wide variety of test support including test plan development, valve sequencing, dynamic simulations, and data reduction.