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Sierra Engineering works with both commercial companies and the government (view list) to improve propulsion technology. Some current and past programs:

Airborne Laser (ABL)

  • NH3 cooling loop for the Strategic Illuminator Laser (SILL).
  • Dynamic simulation of main cooling system for the Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL).


  • Injector Design
  • Combustion Stability Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Steady State and Transient Rocket Engine Simulation
  • Valve Timing
  • PERCORP Heat Transfer Optimization

Kinetic Energy Interceptor (KEI)

  • Liquid Divert and Attitude Control System (DACS) performance model and system optimization

Upper Stage Engine Technology (USET)

  • System Optimization of 40K lbf and 100K lbf engine
  • TCA Thermo-Structural Analysis
  • System Performance
  • System Tool Integration/Scripting/Definition

2nd Generation Reuseable Launch Vehicle (RLV)

  • Injector and Chamber Design/Analysis
  • CFD Analysis of Ox Rich Preburner (ORPB)